Monday, May 17, 2010

Brake A Leg.

Ill pop in every now and then. Run around with all hands on deck, coming in with nothing but debt leaving with just another death threat... My rant patois.

Nothing better then being away from the center of attention they failed to mention that the quiet ones doesn’t pass. The small soul had goals but always seemed to find himself digging larger holes. Sucking death through a bottle his mind was put the rest but more so put to the test as a demotion of social class lurked his room like smoke for hours on end. Life biased around air sifting through water it was bare touchier to watch as the skin turns pail and ones eyes bleed red as if there insides where going stale.

He cridges, looks down at his stomach it has once again gone blue. Internall bleeding is conforting, and i mean that in the worst way. Throw a clock on countdown i want to know when its all going to blow. He played game but was never starting, always benched the team said they where full of full timers and just wanted a good friend. If i wanted friends id go and play lawn bowls with people twice my age. Spat in the face for the last time just this time it was it, the 2 week turn over turned over more heads then backs and i once again fall victom to my own crime. This her, him, them, they business was starting up so I shut up and shut down before the past could re live itself. I feel the growth starting inside. Heavy breathing and light dosages where not enough. Sounding like I'm swinging from the boondocks was the last thing i wished for but this is it. Take it or leave it you clicked on the link and now you view the page. Buy the ticket take the ride is bullshit I sit and thoughts run like water but burn like fires. Steal the ticket and burn the ride i want to feel something.

My disregard is everything.

Clogged lungs, good riddens I'm filled with bad rubbish end me. The let down was bigger then the get down to start with, why did this game even need to begin? Rushed times or rushing for time I grabbed the clock threw it back a hour and went to bed it's a safer place to be. Keeping in mind my mind will mind if I dare speak anymore drool I'm off to be fed feeling like a drone.

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