Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Views exchanged for acceptance welcomed in with a gun at your head the bare thought of thought will get you killed. Run below everyone and the path is easy; I’m not leaving tracks ill just listen to them. It always seemed to do me good when I was up to no good.

My studies are first option for once and I feel the best I have in months. Results are something you can rely on her moist was not. People fending so hard it’s putting us all to bed centuries early. They chase V's whilst I’m hitting control V and pasting your life’s work with a push of a button. Easy to read like a type writer now is when ill take my winnings of paper and surpass, the gym left you lacking the muscle needed to de code this one.

Minds wonder like in tales although this will have to happy ending...

My thoughts are seemingly dark. The pure thought of another face twisted and turned at this stupid inceptor is pleasing, the style of communication. Information sent, thoughts and information received is how it should be but your filters are misguiding you. Let it all go burn the house down.

Refresh Page, Reload.

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