Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Run with me here its all I have.

Your troubles mix's your drink with great debate.

Prove your point have your say; at the end of the day you have had your moment. Quiet now, feel the slight touch of emotion towards love; for heavens sake you would not know the meaning anymore...

The Anti Christ as my alias I drain my drink drop a few and sit back. Fighting never tickled the fancy. It was never an outlet like it was to some. For those, I have respect feeling great pleasure towards your pleasures of freedom coming with the price of a bloody fist and broken victim.

In the case of a manic-depressive this blogging always seemed to clear the brain so I could sleep a little longer. I sound cliché but remember when your reading other's the apple started here for once. My rhymes seem Ow so much bitter and I love it more then the last; but I have already said that.

I guess that makes my last sentence shit; Bite what you wish if you feel this re-blog, re-post, re-enact its the only way things are going to change.

They broke us in, spat us out but we thank them for it. Finally we can live knowing the knowledge, stopping us from becoming what makes us cringe. The certain few will understand my majestic banter in which case raise hands and scream at me.

God I wish haters hated harder.

Make me write better; make me want to be better for god sakes I want too.

I sign off on the card I singed in on and yet I feel this metaphorical orgasm inside me which makes me feel like I have made 1 or 2 people tops, wake up and smell the roses.

God I wish I could write.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Views exchanged for acceptance welcomed in with a gun at your head the bare thought of thought will get you killed. Run below everyone and the path is easy; I’m not leaving tracks ill just listen to them. It always seemed to do me good when I was up to no good.

My studies are first option for once and I feel the best I have in months. Results are something you can rely on her moist was not. People fending so hard it’s putting us all to bed centuries early. They chase V's whilst I’m hitting control V and pasting your life’s work with a push of a button. Easy to read like a type writer now is when ill take my winnings of paper and surpass, the gym left you lacking the muscle needed to de code this one.

Minds wonder like in tales although this will have to happy ending...

My thoughts are seemingly dark. The pure thought of another face twisted and turned at this stupid inceptor is pleasing, the style of communication. Information sent, thoughts and information received is how it should be but your filters are misguiding you. Let it all go burn the house down.

Refresh Page, Reload.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little did I know that she was playin’ with my mind The only thing I learned is, good girls are hard to find I feel like Heavy D I need somebody for me Not someone who’s mind is blank and tryin’ to juice me for my bank Swingin’ with my main man Lucky behind my back What type of crap is that - yo, hows about a smack?

I remember when,
Girls were goodie two shoes, but now they turned to freaks
Allofasudden “We love you Phife” - ease of ho, my name’s Malik
Phife this, Phife that, where you goin’, where you at
These girls don’t know me from jack, yet I feel like the Mack
You didn’t want me then, so hon, don’t want me now
Here, Here - take the towel, wipe off your brow
And take the Ccontact out your eye, you’re far from lookin’ fly
You get an E for effort, and T for nice try
Now tell me what’s the reason, for dyin’ your hair
Slum village gold still danglin in your ear
You barely have a neck but still sportin’ a rope
Four-finger ring just so Phifer can scope
You looked in the mirror, didn’t know what to do
Yesterday your eyes were brown but today they are blue
Your whole appearance is a lie and it could never be true
And if you really loved yourself then you would try and be you
If your hair and eyes were real, I wouldn’t have dissed ya
But since it was bought, I had to dismiss ya
If you can’t achieve it, then why not try and weave it
If you can’t extend it then you might as well suspend it
If you can’t braid it, best thing to do is fade it
I asked who did your hair and you tell me “Diane made it”
If you were you and just you, talk to you, maybe
But I can’t stand, no bionic lady
Tryin’ hard to look fly, but yo, you’re lookin’ dumber
If I wanted someone like you I woulda swung with Jamie Summer.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Grey, White and black shirts are keeping my weekends in check...

I don't like leaving the house to much lately the food is too good, although i did go to the zoo today. Over run by young boys with huge toys i felt more intimidated then going to midland gate on a friday afternoon. Things are far to simple out there. The mind starts playing tricks with you when there is nothing to trick it...

Talking down on younger years thinking we are already in retirement housing telling the grand kids back in my day bullshit. 10 percent life 90 percent dream. The simple idea of foes thinking they know everything already makes me laugh and the fact that not one fly has dropped yet makes me worry, a god sent to say the lest;

Luck is keeping me sain and i have no problem with that, take what you find and run..

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm trying to get rhythmical with my posting just to keep you costing along. God the hate mail has been flowing in but I don't think ill pull the pin just yet.

Running faster than word of mouth he was chasing a horridly over weight lie with a foot already in the door making his speed seem dismal to say the least. He was puffing hard whilst the lie was puffing puff pastries. Slipping on slurpee’s the other building back hurt steeze, what ever happened to shirts below the knees? Sounding more juvenile then city lurking 14 year old's with no goals, in life I think ill save myself the site and purchase my goods from Ebay for the rest of my life....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

His zines seemed to never end. Manifesting like a beast she was always so keen to get her panties off; they never really smelt like what he thought. Roses, now that was a crisp smell he could live for...
The stupid hoer never liked chitter chatter that much and would be spitting Britney lyrics after he said she was just another 9 to 5 lire, everything came to a end quick smart after that, She left him; The tick to his watch was gone and after that, time just stood still. He lived for her hate and she lived for herself but that never seemed to bother him. Just another filler for her apatite, the creator was eaten by the beast.

My dentations are your possible conations, a spark of your knowledge and a tick of your time will see meaning to my rhyme…

The drones are running like rabbits....

Silent out for the hunt. Government services never thought 5th graders would be bombing snitches and stabbing class foes. The environment we pity in self-governing countries has now come over in shipments bigger then Ben Hur. The stench burns but the after taste is quite delightful. More intriguing than teenage sex; Pick up your local gobbie from the down town corner store for less then a buck and on Saturdays grab a cheap fuck. Draining more then our dames our hearts grew smaller and appetites grew bigger. Dog eat dog is an understatement mine could only finish half. I destroyed two and was asking for seconds; now tell me what does that tell you?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A spiral of works.

A spiral of works.

Born two feet down the ground level has always been a dream, the other born two feet up silver spoon, silver cup; He talked himself down so ladies would throw down, made out to be a insecure fuck this doubled his luck walking away with a golden duck.

Trick me once shame on you trick me twice shame on me.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010