Friday, January 8, 2010

to all ma single ladies

My sister and I where sitting down in a quiet, dim lit room and pondered on the advantages of having the male genetilia. Thats right, the succulent penis.

1. The art of Turkey Slapping! Waking up your best girlfriends with a good old slap on the gob. Wouldn't that be joyous?
2. Public displays of urination, No one wants to see a muff on the drive down to bunbury. Except for maybe men, but this is from a womans perspective.
3. Peeing in urinary troughs
4. Being able to shove it in a trumbone like on american pie
5. I would personally tie things off it and swing them around, but that ones not for everyone.
6. Being able to remove our ribs so we could give head to our beloved penis'
7. Flopping it out
8. Having someone else tell you what you do and don't like
9. Make little faces on the end of it :)
10. Doing the Mangina

Don't you all wish you had that special someone in your life.

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