Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I want to move to Mexico; I hear its quiet nice over there in spring. Id spend my days drinking C's and eating T's and be wallet, phone and intranet free. Yes I'd quite like that. I would also keep my grabby little hands clean.
Cleans the new dirt have you not heard?

At the moment I really am this lifeless Vyborg sorry you must not have got the memo. For a better source of entertainment ill just stick to resighting song lyrics whilst we walk so you can boogie down while I'm going down with some fancy clown.

See there we go, easier than Easy E, he dropped 3 and the basketball team needed to take a knee...

This is going nowhere. Reside home take a breather. Until a later stage to cradle my sleeping disorder which could not have came at a better time may i add, ill just stick to playing around with shutter speeds and using my phone light as a source of entertainment all night.

Also on another note; This got my gonads turning.

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