Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Intricate Lie-f

After reading Mitch's post it suddenly occurred to me that this insincere style has come into fashion.

The events on Saturday night, I'm sure you've heard of by now, have been so twisted and turned and regurgitated from mouth to mouth that the event is so far from the truth I wouldn't be surprised If it turns out to be a 'rape and murder' case.

And as much as I love the death stares I receive in freo, I am so over all this lame FrEo-KrEwz-Ill Get-My-BoiZ-Onto-you bullshit, and I find it hilarious that people are stupidly lieing when their lies are so intricate, that soon they will catch up on them, your BoIz can't save you now

and in the Freo graffer world I guess I'm on the 'Most wanted List,' but I don't care, In my opinion its one big Joke, after all I'm not scared of a boy with a marker.
Lets rumble.

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