Thursday, October 29, 2009


Lie after lie making ourselves sound, feel, think we are better. The worst things just became the best. The sad things become happy. Lows are now highs. Trying, telling yourself you’re having a good time.

Constantly lying

We are told not to lie yet we are encouraged to keep or even make ourselves happy.
Make everyone feel good. Fuck yourself; no one wants to see that.
I used to love sleep, a simple care free way to slip away from it all, a cost free open door venue to which you could stop by anytime and forget it all. Now I just dread the thought; Thinking is getting me all worked up over nothing and I can still say to date that I am a slave to society under the bare thought of loosing every friend I have.

Although that number sways like the wind, stronger on some days than others...
I thought that snippet up last night so feel free to dangle that under your Polo Ralph Lauren and get a stepping.

The pure thought of love being that little guy in a black jump suite running around shaking everyone's hand died in my mind the same time abusing billy's at the age of sixteen was cool. That seems like a long time ago now. It isn’t tho...


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