Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lets open up, whats inside.

Nothing, no surprise here...

I rode around a bit today watching the day pass away, for the first time I think I actually thought. Well so is what I thought I think. I thought of what would I be without the clothes I wear the things I do and the way I talk. I openly deconstructed myself piece by piece. You so easily judge people, rip them to bits; hate the way they are but when it comes to yourself everything seems to make sense.

I hate to rant I hate a rant.

At this stage I hate myself. But no one likes a rant; the hate can be put back in the oven for now. This blogging business is so consuming locked in this fortress of what is the Internet being picked apart piece by piece by strangers, friends, family.

Always picking

Ill still write, I always write. It doest need to make sense because it makes sense to me, you will never have to understand, but you can try. Creeping into this little tunnel you start to care less.

I worry that ill want to stay here.

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