Monday, October 12, 2009

Lessons and learnings

10 facts

1. I am a midget

2. Ordering a Large double quarter pounder meal is pretty much killing yourself with food

3. I'm attracted to people that are mean because it makes their compliments a hundred times nicer

4. Nothing is as easy at it looks- (spending 4 hours on my persons hair of the self portrait for art)

5. Pronouncing things the way they are not supposed to be pronounced = hours of fun

6. Trying to proove that "I am not a pussy" leads to doing things I would not necessarily do

7. Videoing a whole drunken night makes you able to remember everything in the morning

8. When i walk down the street smiling at people over half of them don't smile back

9. Facebook makes me nervous

10. I spent most of my holiday watching movies, realising i actually quite like sci-fi guys movies which is a little bit embarassing but now I want to become a watchmen.

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