Thursday, October 29, 2009


Lie after lie making ourselves sound, feel, think we are better. The worst things just became the best. The sad things become happy. Lows are now highs. Trying, telling yourself you’re having a good time.

Constantly lying

We are told not to lie yet we are encouraged to keep or even make ourselves happy.
Make everyone feel good. Fuck yourself; no one wants to see that.
I used to love sleep, a simple care free way to slip away from it all, a cost free open door venue to which you could stop by anytime and forget it all. Now I just dread the thought; Thinking is getting me all worked up over nothing and I can still say to date that I am a slave to society under the bare thought of loosing every friend I have.

Although that number sways like the wind, stronger on some days than others...
I thought that snippet up last night so feel free to dangle that under your Polo Ralph Lauren and get a stepping.

The pure thought of love being that little guy in a black jump suite running around shaking everyone's hand died in my mind the same time abusing billy's at the age of sixteen was cool. That seems like a long time ago now. It isn’t tho...


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Im in Loveeeee

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things Fall Apart

Came across this afew days ago.

'The Return to Innocence Lost' really stuck a cord, I listened over and over again trying to find the reason for why they dropped a Ursula Rucker poem in the mix of such like Table of Contents, Dynamite and Adrenaline! And I still stand shell shocked, maybe that is what they were going for? Never the less personally enjoyed the 18 track LP considering this was the first time i listend to The Roots and it was only by luck as they poped up in shuffle but I am a fan, please help yourself by clicking the photo below to hear the heard.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I tend to write everything in lists

Fat trivia

I've come up with reasons why I have found there is a rapid stomach growth forming underneath my school dress as each day passes. Every day I wake up feeling larger and larger and I wonder what on earth could be making me feel this way.
There are a number of things that could possibly be contributing to this lard that I am becoming.
1. I am pregnant and will skull a whole bottle of orange juice all the way to the chemist to get my pregnancy test, just so I can feel cool and "indie" like Juno in such a life ruining situation.

2. Mum has snuck MSG into all my food making me want to eat more and more of her pasta that she has cooked copious ammounts of.

3.It's all in my head I am actually REALLY skinny, look my bones stick out of my hips... :

4. I should probably exercise and stop eating Maccas

Monday, October 19, 2009

Things that make you feel real dumb

1) Loosing your wallet.
2) Stealing your friend’s wallet then realising it is theirs
3) Falling on your marker under the influence and it leaking all through your jeans.
4) Dropping a six-pack on the bus and it going everywhere.
5) After loosing your wallet trying to buy at 90-cent concession ticket and being denied.
6) Not having money.
7)Being replaced/removed/Trashed thrown into the very barrel of society for which now I will stay and feel/live as a mute.

I feel like I have said this all before but then again repetition is key....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lessons and learnings

10 facts

1. I am a midget

2. Ordering a Large double quarter pounder meal is pretty much killing yourself with food

3. I'm attracted to people that are mean because it makes their compliments a hundred times nicer

4. Nothing is as easy at it looks- (spending 4 hours on my persons hair of the self portrait for art)

5. Pronouncing things the way they are not supposed to be pronounced = hours of fun

6. Trying to proove that "I am not a pussy" leads to doing things I would not necessarily do

7. Videoing a whole drunken night makes you able to remember everything in the morning

8. When i walk down the street smiling at people over half of them don't smile back

9. Facebook makes me nervous

10. I spent most of my holiday watching movies, realising i actually quite like sci-fi guys movies which is a little bit embarassing but now I want to become a watchmen.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fast Fact?

27 billion dollar government deficit and I need to be worry about a $200 Parklife fine?

I think I'll sleep tonight.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Nike Sport Music - De La Soul from nikedelasoul on Vimeo.

Dela is still striving on and producing/experimenting with new things. I really enjoyed this little 10 track LP, yeah it's not 3 feet and rising but it's still something.

Here is a taste.

And here is the hole thing.

Are you in?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lets open up, whats inside.

Nothing, no surprise here...

I rode around a bit today watching the day pass away, for the first time I think I actually thought. Well so is what I thought I think. I thought of what would I be without the clothes I wear the things I do and the way I talk. I openly deconstructed myself piece by piece. You so easily judge people, rip them to bits; hate the way they are but when it comes to yourself everything seems to make sense.

I hate to rant I hate a rant.

At this stage I hate myself. But no one likes a rant; the hate can be put back in the oven for now. This blogging business is so consuming locked in this fortress of what is the Internet being picked apart piece by piece by strangers, friends, family.

Always picking

Ill still write, I always write. It doest need to make sense because it makes sense to me, you will never have to understand, but you can try. Creeping into this little tunnel you start to care less.

I worry that ill want to stay here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day with a J,

Just this one talks, walks and takes photos..















Friday, October 2, 2009

Meet Spring

Spring is here and I've noticed the change.
Sitting outside, getting hot in my black attire and deciding to spend the day with no clothes on in my driveway, haven't done that in a while.
I've also noticed the change in people.Maybe it's the need to be free, the need for change from our boring day to day lives. All the love that blossomed in summer has slowly deteriorated and now reached it's peak. For some anyway.
Things will also blossom and that's what I look forward to the most, everything around me seems to be falling apart but I feel like its circling me yet hasn't quite reached. Although I've probably jinxed myself now.

Lou Doillin,
I love

Below the belt

Also I came across this whilst browsing..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Me All Buttery.

P93 show me this (Flying Lotus - 1983) and now im dripping wet to say the least.