Monday, September 21, 2009


What started off a lovely ride to bike polo in Subiaco turned into a trip to the emergency department and Lam being left with a half soccer ball bulging out of his head and being told he need to go to another hospital. With a hour spend sitting in the waiting room with Lam bleeding everywhere I was able to point out a few things that maybe the general public could work on if you don’t mind me commenting on. Firstly if a sign says "please turn mobile phones off" TURN YOUR FUCKING PHONE OFF, Secondly if the sign says "Sit and wait to be seen" you sit and wait! Don’t try and plead to the girls behind the desk that your son’s burn is more important then 6 other people’s problems, yes we know he is in pain. SO IS EVERYONE waiting that’s why we are their love.... Sundays suck, so do Giant bike pedals.

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