Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Im losing my mind.

I really am not one to be afraid nor live by the myths and theories that surround day to day life, but I was rudely shocked as I found myself come face to face with a mysterious "black cat" today. All I sore at first was a quite old allyway that iv walked down a million times on my way home from school. Just this time a black cat was sitting dead on in the middle. Somewhat intrigued I started to think about all of the what I personally think is complete and utter crap which is "the bad luck black cat." As I thought nothing of it I smoothly walked past without any harm as it just lay there taking in the afternoon sun. I continued on my way home laughing at the idea of the "bad luck black cat" where it was only until that moment when I found myself walking straight into the road of a oncoming road cyclist where then I found myself flat on my ass and a angry road cyclist flat on his face. In all of the mixed of what had happened in a matter of minuets I now have come to relies not to fuck with black pussy.

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