Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fail at being subtle

To start of with tonight I'd like to say that i just went for a run and I'm feeling rather brilliant. Even though all my friends are going out tonight and I'm stuck under the watch of my father ( dont take that the wrong way, i didn't mean it like your thinking), I have not a care in the world. Holidays are in less than a week and the count down begins.

This week two things have happened to me that are so incedibly embarassing, I don't know why I still show my face out in public. Not really, I think thats getting a bit dramatic.

Number 1. Location : AC Dinner Dance. I have the sudden urge to get up on stage with shannon and dance to lady gaga. To look down and notice my dress has fallen underneath my bra and I look like trashh! Yes I did just laugh and keep on dancing, but on the inside I was pretty much ready to commit.

Number 2. Location: Angelo Street , South Perth. Mitch is trying to teach me how to ride a fixie bike, I'm going pretty well riding around on canning highway, thinking I'm pretty dope,with a car of guys yelling out "Fuck you bitch " to us. I'm really well liked on the streets. Anyway, I get to Angelo street out the front of re opened ezi-way and stack it into the pile of pot plants with my leg hitched between the bike and the ground. Bit of a FML moment as the water started pouring out of the pot plants seeping into my shorts and the whole street looking at me.

Enough about me, whats happening with you?, I don't really care that much because I'm to busy talking about myself and snapping at everyone. I bet this will lead to me getting dumped, me no longer going out ( who am i kidding, its a saturday night and I'm at home about to watch Lesbian Vampire Killers) I had a right to snap though, standing up for myself and the mis treatment in this world. I've realised that in my little cloud of happiness, I only get used when the other person has nothing else to do, so now I don't know what to do...

On a lighter note, Today i discoverd that Coca Cola has come up with something brilliant to sell there coke, really thinking about there target audience. Fat people. They have created coke bottles that have grips at the bottom for the people that love coke the most! With their sweaty palms so it's easier to hold. Good thinking Coca Cola, you've won me over!!

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