Friday, September 4, 2009

Bday Bash

We party hard......
  • Butter scotch schnapps
  • KfC family feasts
  • Riverside- Sidney Sampson on repeat
  • 5 girls all with boyfriends being chatted up by the seedy boys (Platt) who tried to bring the party outside
  • Getting down on our knees and flicking our hair around like strippers
  • Dancing on tables/couches
  • Trying to talk people out of committing suicide
  • Crying and expressing our love for one another
  • Lightening up the mood with a bit of Blink 182
  • Kissing each other on the forehead
  • Passing out and getting Jess's fingers stuck down my mouth
  • Watching skins series 3
  • Saving Relationships
  • Pushing the bed against the door so that Liv and Danica would fuck off
From these dot points I think you will understand that I enjoyed myself immensely.
Downfalls of the night would probably be the mood ruiners, nevertheless I wore blue tights.

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